Organic Sumatran Blend

Organic Sumatran Blend

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Organic Sumatran Blend

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Westrock Coffee Company

Westrock Coffee began in 2009 with the purchase and revitalization of a neglected coffee mill in Rwanda. The intent was to build a coffee exporting business that would benefit the farmers of Rwanda. The success of this business led Westrock to expand operations into Tanzania where they worked with thousands of farmers to improve the quantity, quality and value received for the coffee produced.

In an effort to expand the market for the coffee produced in Rwanda and Tanzania, Westrock formed Westrock Coffee Roasting in Little Rock, Arkansas. Here, Westrock is able to roast and sell the coffee it ethically sources from Rwanda and Tanzania as well as other origins around the globe.

Through its unique business model, Westrock is able to create real change in the lives of farmers and their families through honest, direct trade with transparency at every single stage in the coffee supply chain from crop to cup.