Mexico SWP Decaf

Mexico SWP Decaf

12.0 oz

Swiss Water Process decaf coffee from Mexico. This is roasted light for those that like medium acidity in there cup. SWP Mexico Decaf cups with light to medium body and a crisp aftertaste. Great for anytime of coffee.

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Carolina Coffee Roasting Company was formed in 1992 to preserve the fine tradition of small batch coffee roasting. Their esteemed Roast Master has devoted his career to the study of coffee bean cultivation, selection, roasting and blending.

Their Coffees are roasted in small batches. This has several benefits. First and foremost, it ensures that our coffee that leaves the roastery is very fresh. Roasting in small batches also allows precise control over the roasting profile, giving them the ability to perfect each coffee.

They research and select coffees from among the finest quality Arabica beans from Indonesia, South and Central America and Africa. They proudly purchase coffees that contribute to saving delicate ecosystems of coffee growing communities.