Celebes Kalossi Toraja

Celebes Kalossi Toraja

12.0 oz

An elegant, refined coffee from Indonesia with notes of cocoa and plum. Medium-roasted with a velvety body.

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Red Barn Coffee

Red Barn Coffee Roasters is a family owned and operated specialty coffee roaster, retailer and wholesaler. Mark and Lisa Verrochi were pioneers in the specialty coffee industry in the Northeast after observing the Seattle coffee boom while Mark was stationed out west for the Navy. Their first roasting facility was in an authentic New England style barn on their rural property in Hopkinton, MA.

Red Barn Coffee offers high quality single origin varietals from around the globe, cold brewed iced coffee, a full line of Organic, Fair Trade, Direct Trade, and naturally flavored coffees. New in 2016, all Red Barn Cafes now offer Nitro Cold Brew - a traditional cold brew iced coffee, nitrogen-infused and served from a tap.

They now conduct their roasting operations in warehouse space in Upton, MA. Red Barn supports over 100 wholesale partners throughout New England, and operates 5 company-owned cafes--two of which serve lunch and offer a full catering service. Introduced in 2013, a growing licensing program supports local entrepreneurs who wish to open up a Red Barn cafe of their own, leveraging a brand trusted for quality.



Indonesia is located within an ideal geography for coffee plantations, near the equator and with numerous mountainous regions across the islands, creating well suited micro-climates for the growth and production of coffee.

Indonesia was the fourth largest producer of coffee in the world in 2014. Coffee in Indonesia began with its colonial history, and has played an important part in the growth of the country.

Indonesia produced an estimated 540,000 metric tons of coffee in 2014. Of this total, it is estimated that 154,800 tons was required for domestic consumption in the 2013/2014 financial year. Of the exports, 25% are arabica beans; the balance is robusta. In general, Indonesia’s arabica coffees have low acidity and strong body, which makes them ideal for blending with higher acidity coffees from Central America and East Africa.