Greenstreet Coffee Co

Greenstreet Coffee is a pioneer Philadelphia coffee roaster honing the craft of coffee with passion.

Currently roasting in South Philadelphia and serving fresh by the cup at 1101 Spruce Street, Greenstreet prides itself on direct trade practices that allow for transparency from seed to cup.

Brothers Tom and Chris Molieri started Greenstreet Coffee Roasters to offer a fresh approach to great coffee and sustainable business practices. It’s this approach that they believe contributes to building a stronger local community in Philadelphia that also allows for a positive impact on the developing countries that cultivate the beans that make our coffee great.

While living in Portland, Oregon, Chris discovered how exciting coffee could be, and his enthusiasm bloomed. Meanwhile, Tom was busy completing a year as an AmeriCorps Vista. Since he had always shared Chris’s enthusiasm for coffee and home roasting, they collaborated and set out to find better coffee for family, friends and soon many many awesome customers. Inspired by a 1950’s gang of teenagers called the Greenstreet Counts known for being unruly and ungoverned, Chris and Tom chose to call the outfit Greenstreet Coffee Roasters as a means to reinvent the past.

Dedicated to roasting exceptional tasting coffees that are responsibly sourced, Greenstreet seeks to create a new legacy for coffee in Philadelphia and all the Greenstreet Counts of the world. Simply put, Greenstreet Coffee Roasters is a hometown company focused on quality and responsibility. We know how much work goes in to a great cup of coffee and we never tire pursuing the best in a cup.