Frequently Asked Questions

What is Scratch Coffee Market?

Scratch Coffee Market is your online source for discovering exceptional specialty coffee. Expertly roasted, straight from the makers that are shaping the craft coffee movement.

How long will fresh roasted coffee last?

Many products in your local supermarket will have an expiration date on coffee that extends out a couple months, however artisan coffee is at it's best when you brew it within 7 days from its roast date. To keep it at its freshest, coffee should only be ground just before brewing. Some Coffee is packed in a valve-seal bag to extend its life during shipping.

How does Scratch Coffee Market attract roasters?

By having a common goal with hundreds of Artisan roasters from around the world to create a better coffee drinking experience by delivering beautiful fresh roasted coffee right to customers' homes. Our member Artisan roasters will enjoy sharing their products with people not only down the street, but across the country and around the world. Scratch Coffee Market showcases our member artisan roasters by bringing consumers up close and personal by introducing the people, ideas, and unique stories behind every coffee we sell.

How does Scratch Coffee select the roasters featured on the site?

Scratch Coffee Market is the first and only true Artisan Roaster marketplace, which was founded with the purpose of showcasing specialty coffees roasted by the very best Artisan Roasters from around the world so that our customers will have a better coffee experience. With over 3,000 Artisan Roasters around the world, Scratch initially selects our roasters through a proprietary qualification process, however the Scratch Coffee Global Coffee Community will ultimately decide over time which Artisan Roasters continue to be featured on the Scratch Coffee Market website through reviews, comments and the relationships formed with our Scratch Artisan Roasters.

What’s the best way to store the coffee you receive?

To enjoy it for as long as possible, we suggest storing coffee in an airtight container and placing in a cool, dark area. (Avoid the refrigerator or freezer). We recommend only buying as much coffee as you can drink within 7 days. Concerned about running out? Why not try a recurring subscription?

Can I return my coffee if I don’t like it?

If you’re not delighted with your purchase from Scratch Coffee Market, contact us right away and we’ll make it right by learning what the problem is and working with you to resolve it. Please contact Scratch Coffee Market using the chat window in the bottom right corner of your screen or via our contact page.

How many calories are in the coffee we deliver?

A cup of brewed black coffee contains less than two calories per 6oz cup.