About Us

Scratch Coffee Market is an online coffee marketplace for discovering exceptional handmade coffee; bringing together the finest local and regional roasters from around the world on a single site.  We are linking coffee-interested consumers with artisan specialty roasters and unique coffee products, to form a “global coffee community”. Visitors will fall in love with a variety of coffees near and far, as they explore, discover, and share great coffees at home or in their office.

The Scratch Coffee leadership team has more than 100 years of combined coffee experience. Having built and managed several successful businesses in the coffee industry and forming relationships with regional and local roasters around the world, they are well positioned to lead this online coffee marketplace.

Scratch Coffee Market will be a first stop, destination site, bringing consumers up close and personal with coffee roasters and growers throughout the world by showcasing the people, ideas, and unique stories behind every coffee we sell. The website will deliver an automated, personalized experience based on visitor behavior, to make informed product recommendations. Visitors can choose from articles, videos, contests, subscriptions, and more to learn about the roasters and products. The reason to join the Scratch community will be the variety of coffee products, but repeat sales will be captured through subscription offerings and unique, attention-grabbing content that will enable visitors to discover a world of coffee.

Scratch Coffee Market builds its character through our wide variety of coffee roasters and growers from all around the world. Our roaster members are uniquely diverse, ranging from small to large, but they all have a common theme; their coffee is made from scratch and they’re passionate about producing exceptional coffee. 

Visitors will explore a world of coffee in the comfort of their home, enabling them to find that special blend of beans and a personalized roasting technique they can call their own.

“A world of coffee – made for you”

Mission Statement:

Create a market-leading online coffee marketplace, which connects coffee-interested consumers with the finest local and regional artisan coffee roasters and growers from around the world, while offering coffee products, accessories, and information for visitors to discover, share and enjoy exceptional coffee.