Coffee in a cone…. It’s all the rage.

Drinking coffee in a chocolate or sprinkle-covered waffle cone is the latest coffee fad. It’s blowing up your Instagram feed and it looks pretty darn cute.  But let’s be realistic- doesn’t the cone just melt?

The reality is that you’ve got about four minutes to drink your coffee before the cone disintegrates and your macchiato is drowning on the sidewalk.  So, the thicker the cone, the better, but it’s still a ticking time bomb.

You may be thinking this is a little crazy and wondering how this trend could have possibly started.  Well The Grind Coffee Company is South Africa says it’s their signature drink.  It was specifically designed to blend coffee and social media.  As our Instagram feeds show, it worked!

The hashtag #coffeeinacone has over 1,500 posts on Instagram and the unusual combination is spreading around the world.  Who can turn down a coffee with whipped cream and a cherry?  It’s the ultimate treat.

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Jessica Boucher